Sound Practice for Personal Vibrational Healing

Cordy chanting

photo credit: Garret Jaros

In 2003 I started to incorporate sound healing in my personal daily practice. At that time I began my study with Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD of the Open Ear Center now located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The techniques I learned have reinforced my understanding that we are a vibrational pattern of energy, interconnected with everything in the universe.

I continue to be in awe of the profound silence which occurs at the end of my sessions. I experience a very deep, quiet and expansive place—an energetic awareness which has significantly affected my abilities as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. I have discovered that as the humming, toning, and sacred chanting clear my field I become a clearer instrument of healing for my Therapeutic Touch Clients.

My personal Sound Practice is deeply rewarding for me, and it is my joy to share this knowledge and experience with others. I hold a monthly sound circle at my home which is open to the public. I also offer one day workshops where I teach techniques of using the voice to improve the flow of energy in the body, as well as using Sacred Chants to support personal well being.

For people outside the Eugene, Oregon area, I am available on Skype for one-on-one remote teaching sessions. Contact me here to schedule an appointment.

Namasté, Cordy